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1 Recorder

1) TSM 109 – 3 Early American Songs; Alto recorder, Cello, Piano; Sc+Pts.
Includes Tenting Tonight, Two Brothers, and Amazing Grace. The first two songs reflect on the Civil War, while the latter is heard at a variety of occasions. Wonderful for church services, or concert.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 7’15” – 3 Early American Songs-Cover


2) TSM 111 – 5 Christmas Carols; Soprano recorder, 3 Viols (tr, T, B); Sc.+Pts.
Includes Il est ne, le divin Enfant, The Year Now Away is Fled, Fum, Fum, Fum, Sussex Carol, and I Saw Three Ships.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 6’45” – 5 Christmas Carols-p1


3) TSM 113 – Tabhair dom do lahm; Tenor recorder/Flute, 2 Viols (T, B); Sc.+Pts.  Available through me as a pdf download – $4
An arrangement of a piece attributed to Ruaidhri Dall O Cathain (ca.1580-1653). The title translates to “Take My Hand”.
Level: moderate; Duration: 2’25”; 3pp. – Tabhair Dom do lahm-p1 of 3

2 Recorders

1) TSM 110 – Honey Bee Jig; Alto, Tenor recorders; Sc.+Pts.
An uptempo jig inspired by Katy Adelson’s YouTube videos.
Level: moderate; Duration: 1’10” – Honey Bee Jig-p1

3 Recorders

1) LMP 124 – Jasmina; 3 Alto recorders; Sc. +Pts.
There is a bit of a Spanish tango influence in this piece.
Level: upper intermediate/advanced; Duration: 2’50”


2) LMP 125 – Skylark; SAA recorders; Sc.+Pts.
Sparkly, this is a good pairing with Pavane’s Delight.
Level: moderate; Duration: 1’45 ”


3) TSM 112 – 3 Playford Dances; ATB recorders; Sc. + Pts.
This medley features Dove’s Vagary, All In a Garden Green, and Newcastle.
Level: upper intermediate; Duration: 4’25”; 8pp. Playford_3 Dances-p1

4 Recorders

1) TSM 105 – Blue Boat Home; SATB recorders; Sc.+Pts.    
This is an arrangement of the much-loved Welsh tune Hyfrydol by Rowland Pritchard (1811-87).
Level: moderate, Duration: 2’50” – Blue Boat Home-p1


2) TSM 106 – Dance of the Forest Sprites; SATB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
Somewhat mysterious, always enchanting, you can practically see the sprites cavorting in the forest.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 3’00” – Dance of the Forest Sprites-p1


3) TSM 108 – Intermezzo; SATB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 3’20” – Intermezzo-p1


4) TSM 101 – Pavane’s Delight; SATB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
A modern take on the Renaissance dance the Pavane with rich harmonies and plenty of ornamentation.
Level: moderate; Duration: 3’00” – Pavane’s Delight-p1


5) TSM 104 – Salt and Pepper; SATB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
Short and sassy! A good program closer.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 1’20” – Salt and Pepper-p1


6) TSM 103 – Serenade; AATB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
A lyric Latin piece. The melody is played in harmony by the 2nd alto while the tenor and bass provide a rhythmic background.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 2’40” – Serenade-p1


7) TSM 102 – Something’s Calling; ATTB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
Again, a Latin influence similar to Serenade.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 2’45” – Something’s Calling-p1


8) TSM 107 – The Wind Stirs; ATTB Recorders; Sc.+Pts.
A haunting melody in a flowing 6/8 meter.
Level: moderate and up; Duration: 2’45” – The Wind Stirs-p1


9) TSM 114 – Hymn in F; SATB Recorders; 2 Sc.
Level: Moderate; Duration: 1’35” Hymn in F-p1 of 2